Houghton Street Ventures

We invest in London School of Economics entrepreneurs.

We focus on investing in the best of the alumni, students and faculty of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

LSE entrepreneurs have collectively raised over $30bn in venture capital, and they are just getting started. We are here to support them on their journey.

LSE founders raised over $5bn in 2022 and count more than 25 unicorns in the network.


We are Houghton Street Ventures,
a venture fund founded in partnership with the London School of Economics.

For 125 years, the LSE has produced global leaders and innovators in every field. From captains of industry to heads of state. Pulitzer prize winners to Nobel Laureates. Ambassadors and academics to artists and activists. This spirit of diversity, dedication and depth is core to our philosophy at Houghton Street Ventures. So we’ve created a distinctive approach that’s singularly focused on a certain type of founder. Those that have forged their world view in the unique environment of LSE.


We back LSE founders who are building companies that harness the power of the humanities, social sciences and technology.

From Pre-Seed to Series A – in the early days, when it’s most needed. When the product may be basic, but the potential can be huge. We lead with conviction and follow on with focus. Providing the accelerant for their ambitions.

We’ve developed an approach to investing that reflects this perspective. We call it ‘Critical Capital’. Critical because of the stage and the type of thinking we practice. The vital nature of the companies we back. And the combination of disciplines they apply.


We support our founders with inspiration, insight, influence and investment.

Leveraging the LSE ecosystem to provide them with the expertise, energy and encouragement of a global support network. Enabling them to enter new markets, extend their funding, enhance their talent pool, expand their operations and elevate our potential as a society.